Comprehensive And Traditional Medical Treatments at The Nevada Clinic in Las Vegas, NV

Introduction to The Nevada Clinic

Since 1980, The Nevada Clinic in Las Vegas, NV, has been dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to our community. Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments tailored to meet the diverse needs of our patients, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality of care.

Treatments Offered

At The Nevada Clinic, we specialize in treating a variety of health conditions. Whether you are dealing with allergies, cardiac health issues, diabetes, asthma, anxieties, or depression, our team of experienced healthcare professionals is here to help. We believe in a holistic approach to medicine, addressing both the physical and emotional well-being of our patients.

Our Commitment to Patient Care

Our clinic has been helping patients for over four decades, and our commitment to patient care remains unwavering. We take pride in offering personalized treatment plans that cater to the individual needs of each patient. By staying up-to-date with the latest medical advancements and incorporating innovative techniques, we ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.



Acne, Allergies, Anorexia Nervosa, Apathy, Asthma, Attention Deficit Disorder, Bed-Wetting, Chronic Ear Infections, Constipation, Crossed Eyes, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Diaper Rash, Diarrhea, Digestive Problems, Dyslexia, Eczema, Environmental Sensitivity, Fears, Food Allergies, Frequent Colds, Flu, Fussy Eaters, Headache, Hyperactivity, Lazy Eye, Learning Disabilities, Low Appetite, Nervousness…



Adult Acne, Allergies, Anxieties, Arteriosclerosis, Arthritis, Asthma, Atherosclerosis, Backaches, Candida – Yeast Infections, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Clogged Arteries, Constipation, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Dysmenorrhea, EBV – Epstein Barr Virus, Eczema, Endometriosis, Environmental Disorders, Fears, Fibromyalgia, Frequent Colds and Flu, Hardened …


What is homeopathic allergy treatment? There is a pain-free, effective and low cost way to treat your allergies and support your body’s immune system, without weekly, time consuming, and expensive visits to a doctor’s office – homeopathic allergy treatment.

Nevada Clinic physicians and technicians do computerized testing of your body’s acupuncture energetic system to identify sources that stimulate your allergy symptoms. The Clinic’s pain-free electro-dermal allergy testing equipment is then used to select homeopathic remedies (usually taken orally, not injected) to relieve your sensitivities to foods, pollens, molds, danders, pesticides and other chemicals in your home and work.

What are the main benefits of homeopathic allergy treatment?

1. Pain-free: Electro-dermal testing and homeopathic allergy treatment are pain-free.
Remedies are usually taken orally, not by skin needle injection.

2. Low cost: Relative to conventional allergy therapy and medications, homeopathic allergy treatment is economically affordable, and less time consuming. A typical comprehensive electro-dermal allergy testing is about $200 and 4 months of remedies generally vary between $30 and $120. And you do not use your valuable time to make weekly visits to a doctor’s office.

What laboratory tests do I need?

No laboratory tests are necessary for your homeopathic allergy consultation. However, if you have prior IgE, skin, or serum allergy test results, please bring copies of those reports if you wish. Please be sure to bring any medications or nutritional supplements you are taking for your allergies.

What other forms of allergy testing & treatment are done at the Nevada Clinic?

The Nevada Clinic also does intracutaneous (skin) testing, serum testing, and sublingual provocative testing for allergies, if these methods are needed as part of a patient’s individualized program. For example, if you have sensitivities to pollens or molds, you may be given the option to self-administer at home desensitization injections weekly, because they may relieve your pollen or mold allergies more quickly.

What will the doctor or technician do?

1. Your Allergy History. The doctor or technician will discuss what symptoms you have; what you believe are the irritants causing your symptoms; what prior allergy treatments you have had and their effectiveness; and, what medications you are taking.

2. Electro-dermal Testing. The doctor or technician will electro-dermally test points of your body’s acupuncture allergy meridian to determine your allergies and sensitivities to foods, pollens, molds, danders, pesticides, and other chemicals.

3. Nutrition & Diet Counseling. The doctor or technician will speak to you about nutritional supplements or dietary changes you may need. For example, Nevada Clinic routinely help patients learn about the “Cave Man” diet and how to do Food Challenge Testing to identify food allergies and design a more optimal, personal diet.

4. Environment Counseling. The doctor or technician will talk to you about changes you may to consider making in your home or work environments. For example, you may benefit from having a reverse osmosis water filtration system, HEPA filters, or removing sources of formaldehyde and other chemicals.

About what will it cost?

Electro-dermal Testing Vary Typically $100 to $195
Homeopathic Remedies Vary Typically $30 to $120 per 4 months.



What is the purpose of your consultation?

The objective of your Nevada Clinic Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention consultation is to discuss the 8 main factors important to reduce your risk for having a heart attack (M.I. or myocardial infract) or a stroke (CVA or cerebro-vascular attack):

1. Blood homocysteine levels;
2. Blood lipid levels (HDL);
3. Thyroid Function;
4. Toxic metal levels (lead);
5. Your diet and eating habits;
6. Your exercise program (aerobics);
7. Lifestyle habits (smoking);
8. Your stress levels and the stress resistance capacity of your autonomic nervous system (HRV tests).

What laboratory tests do I need?

No laboratory tests are necessary for you to receive a heart attack/stroke prevention consultation. However, since a purpose of your visit is to determine what additional lab tests you may need, be sure to bring copies of any blood work you had done in the last 6 months. You may also want to bring copies of lab reports from the last several years of your lipid levels (LDL, HDL, Trigylcerides), any thyroid tests (T3,T4, TSH, Free T3), and most importantly, your blood homocysteine levels.

You may also want to bring copies of any Trace Mineral Analysis (Hair Analysis), and more importantly, results of any EDTA or DMPS provocative 6 hour urine tests for toxic metals like lead, mercury,

What will the doctor do?

Your individual Cardiac Care protocol will be recommended based on your specific needs, since every person has different areas of potential heart or stroke risk. Your Nevada Clinic physician routinely considers whether you might benefit from any of the following Cardiac Care protocol components:

If your blood homocysteine is higher than 6.5, you may be given a prescription for methyl B12 to inject 1 cc once a week, and asked to take nutritional supplements which help homocysteine metabolism (such as betaine HCL & co-enzyme Q10) or which contain tri-methylglycine (such as Cardio-B). This is because Harvard Medical School research by K.S. McCully, M.D. concluded that homocysteine levels are one of the most important predictors of cardiac risk.


What is the purpose of your consultation?

The objective of your bio-identical hormone therapy consultation is to review your symptoms and decide whether you suffer from hormone imbalances or would benefit from natural hormone supplementation for conditions such as:

Hypothyroid: Low energy, cold hands/feet, hair loss, difficulty losing weight, Dry skin, brittle fingernails, easily gain weight, low sex drive

Estrogen Hot flashes, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness

Imbalances: Chronic PMS psychological challenges, Endometriosis
Low Progesterone: Don’t sleep well, memory loss, osteoporosis, osteopenia
Hypo-Adrenal: Stress exhaustion, Sleep deprivation (ie due to night work)

What laboratory tests do I need?

No laboratory tests are necessary for you to receive a bio-identical hormone therapy consultation. However, since a purpose of your visit is to determine what additional lab tests you may need, be sure to bring copies of any blood work you had done in the last 6 months. You may also want to bring copies of lab reports from the last few years of Thyroid Panels (T3, T4, TSH, Free T3); Estrogen levels including Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2), Estriol (E3), Progesterone, DHEA, or testosterone; and Cortisol (adrenal) levels including saliva tests and morning ACTH provocative tests.

Please bring your prior lab tests even if they were “normal”. For example, you may benefit from natural Armour Thyroid support if you have thyroid symptoms, even though you have low normal T3 levels or if your Free T3 levels were not tested.

What will the doctor do?

Your Nevada Clinic doctor will review your history, symptoms, and current medications to determine if you may benefit from bio-identical hormone therapy. You may also receive some pain free electro-dermal screening to evaluate if you may also benefit from homeopathic treatment.

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy?

If your Nevada Clinic physician determines you may benefit from bio-identical hormone therapy, you may be given a prescription for any additional lab tests necessary to determine what specific types and dosages of bio-identical hormones you may need. You will then be given prescriptions for medications or over-the-counter or compound pharmacy transdermal creams such as:

Armour Thyroid: From 30 mg (1/2 grain) to 180 mg (3 grains), taken in morning.

Estrogen Creams: Containing different combinations of estradiol (E2) and estriol.

(E3), depending on your individual needs, applied to vaginal areas in the morning.
Progesterone Creams: From 20 mg/gram (ie Progest) to 100 mg/gram (compound pharmacy).

Cortisol: Physiological doses (5-20 mg) of Cortef to supplement adrenal function.



What is the purpose of your consultation?

The objective of your consultation is to determine whether you might benefit from EDTA or DMPS chelation therapy, intravenous (IV) treatments primarily used to remove toxic metals such as lead and mercury from your body. EDTA chelation is also used to increase systemic (vascular) blood circulation and arterial flexibility. As described in the book, “Bypassing Bypass” by Harvard trained physician, Elmer Cranton, M.D, EDTA chelation may be of benefit to people with coronary artery disease or arteriosclerosis, even if they have already had bypass surgery, stent surgery, or angioplasty. Chelation therapy may also be an important part in a comprehensive cardiac care program individually designed to reduce heart risks.

What laboratory tests do I need?

No laboratory tests are necessary for you to receive an EDTA or DMPS chelation therapy consultation. However, before you may start chelation therapy, your doctor needs to check your blood tests for healthy kidney function (BUN, creatinine) and good liver function (Bilirubin, SSGT, SGOT, SGPT, alkaline phosphatase). If you have had your blood tested within the last 3 months, bring copies of those reports.

What will the doctor do?

After reviewing your prior blood work, your Nevada Clinic physician will order any additional tests necessary to determine if you are a candidate for chelation therapy. If your kidney and liver functions are good, the doctor may recommend an EDTA and/or a DMPS “challenge” test, followed by collecting your urine for 6 hours, to determine your body’s tissue levels of lead, mercury, and other toxic metals.